RMS Automotive has enhanced its MOVE dealer web portal for French manufacturer PSA Group's vehicles. PSA Group uses the upstream remarketing platform in 22 countries for Peugeot, Citroen and DS Automobiles brands.

Some of the new enhancements to the portal will allow for flexible bidding, purchasing, and delivery options through multi-channel marketing, the company stated. Enhancements will also allow the platform to monitor bidding and purchasing activity in real-time.

The system will also be able to provide access to historical data and VIN-based vehicle details including condition reports.

"The [RMS] solutions ensure that we are channeling the right vehicles to the right dealers at the right times, and that the buying experience for the dealers is a positive one," said Christian Vanoni, PSA Group's head of international wholesale used car operations.

Earlier this year, RMS and PSA Group launched a user satisfaction research study to PSA's dealer audience. The redesigned MOVE portal will be available in all PSA Group markets, according to the company.