Photo of Hyundai Tucson courtesy of Hyundai.

Photo of Hyundai Tucson courtesy of Hyundai.

Hyundai Motor Co. is recalling 41,000 2016 model-year Tucson vehicles because of potential problems with the transmission control, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported.

The recall covers vehicles equipped with a 7-speed EcoShift Dual Clutch Transmission. All of these compact SUVs were manufactured from May 20, 2015, through May 31, 2016.

“Certain driving conditions and high temperatures may cause the vehicle to not move if the accelerator pedal is pressed and released repeatedly,” NHTSA warned on its website. “Inability to move the vehicle while in traffic may increase the risk of a crash.”

Hyundai dealers will update the transmission control module software, free of charge, to fix the problem. The recall is expected to begin Oct. 28.

Vehicle owners can reach Hyundai customer service at (855) 371-9460. Hyundai’s number for this recall is 149.