Australia Post, Australia’s national postal service, has announced it plans to trial the use of drones to deliver small parcels around the country, according to Zdnet.

The closed-field trial is an important next step in testing the new technology, according to the Australia Post. It hopes the drones will result in the faster transportation of time critical items like medication, and keep online customers happy. The trial is scheduled for later this year, according to the report.

Australia Post is working with Melbourne-based startup ARI Labs, the developers of the proprietary technology, to demonstrate the reliability and applications of the technology. These drones will come with a parachute and warning lights, as well as a camera so the drone's operator can spot oncoming obstacles, according to the report.

Earlier this month, the federal government introduced new regulations on the use of drones in Australia, which now sees commercial operators of "very small remotely piloted aircraft" no longer required to obtain a number of regulatory approvals to fly their unmanned vehicles, according to the report.