Photo courtesy of Paragon Software Systems

Photo courtesy of Paragon Software Systems

Paragon Software Systems has added new capabilities to its routing and scheduling solutions that brings in real world data about street-level mapping, road speeds, and truck attributes.

The additional modules add precision to transportation plans based on real-world data, creating a truer reflection of actual driver journeys that are more realistic.

“When producing a transportation plan, managers want to get as close to reality as possible,” said William Salter, CEO and resident, Paragon Software Systems. “These modules make the plans more accurate so that the slack often included within the plan goes from an average of 15% to 0%, meaning that you can give your customers much more accurate delivery times at lower costs.”

The Street Level Mapping module is designed to improve dense drop delivery performance, urban planning efficiency and planning accuracy.  It is aimed at dense urban transport operations like home delivery and optimizes schedules by offering:

  • Direction of Travel (One-Way)
  • Turn Restrictions (No Left, Right or U-Turn)
  • Street Level Routing Functionality
  • Address-Range Geocoding

The Average Road Speed Data module provides a calculated average speed in each direction on road links for which enough speed data is available. It is calculated using historical traffic flow velocities captured for a mix of vehicle types to improve journey time estimates.

Truck Attribute Data has been added to prevent detours and reduce mileage. It streamlines the creation of cost effective transport plans that avoid truck restrictions by:

  • Featuring physical height, weight, width and length (HWWL) information for primary, main and some secondary road networks
  • Including similar non-physical restrictions that apply 24/7 such as travelling at certain hours only within a residential section
  • Enabling the automatic calculation of transport plans that avoid, for example, low bridges when using high vehicles

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