VIDEO: Ford SYNC to Offer Life360 Mobile App

Ford Motor Co. is introducing in-car use of the popular people-locator mobile app Life360 through the SYNC AppLink.

Life360 is a free smartphone app that helps people stay in touch with their circle members throughout the day. Users can see where family, friends or work team members are on a private map, stay connected through one-to-one or group messages, and get help in an emergency.

The AppLink-enabled Life360 app will go to work when the driver connects his or her smartphone to Ford SYNC via Bluetooth.

The application will include Drive Mode, a new capability that automatically alerts the user's circle when he or she is driving so text messaging can be postponed. A follow-up message is sent to everyone in the driver’s circle once he or she arrives at the destination and turns off the vehicle.

Drivers can check the latest location of a circle member through the SYNC display or with voice commands.

Ford and Life360 will demonstrate the app at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Jan. 6-9. Drive Mode will be available initially for Android phones by spring, Ford said.

“We are thrilled to be working with Ford to take on such an important issue and help reduce texting and driving,” said Chris Hulls, co-founder and CEO of Life360.

With the launch of Ford’s SYNC 3, AppLink will automatically discover and load the Life360 app onto the in-vehicle screen.

SYNC is already on the road in more than 10 million vehicles worldwide.

To view a video about the application, click on the photo or link above.