Owned by Velocity Vehicle Group (VVG), SVT is led by Don Kelley, president, who brings 40-plus years of experience to the role.  -  Photo: SVT

Owned by Velocity Vehicle Group (VVG), SVT is led by Don Kelley, president, who brings 40-plus years of experience to the role.

Photo: SVT

On May 16, SVT Fleet Solutions (SVT) announced the launch of its suite of fleet management services, created to help companies and municipalities worldwide maximize vehicle efficiency, productivity, and total value, the company said in a press announcement. 

SVT is designed to support fleets with vehicles ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty and spanning multiple applications including private, for hire, municipal fleets, fire equipment, and buses.

SVT is owned by Velocity Vehicle Group (VVG), one of the largest commercial truck dealerships in the U.S. and with locations in Mexico and Australia. SVT is led by Don Kelley, president, who brings 40-plus years of experience to the role. Kelley is supported by an executive team with extensive experience in fleet management, sustainability, and vehicle maintenance. 

“SVT was created by industry veterans to break the mold of traditional fleet management solutions by providing comprehensive, single-source solutions that are tailored to meet each client’s unique support needs,” said Kelley. “Our team has access to extensive resources and expertise in the commercial vehicle sector to help our customers streamline their fleet management while driving economic and environmental sustainability.” 

SVT Fleet Management Resources

According to the announcement, SVT will “provide its clients with a competitive edge today, while adapting to a rapidly accelerating future focused on sustainability and predictive analytics.”

SVT provides these fleet management resources: 

  • Regulatory Compliance Support – SVT will help its clients navigate the evolving regulatory landscape impacting commercial vehicle operators to ensure they understand their compliance obligations to help avoid financial penalties. 
  • Fleet Sustainability Strategy – SVT’s team is positioned to help companies reach their emission reduction goals and compliance obligations. 
  • Vehicle Funding and Financing – In addition to offering a range of financing solutions and ownership models, SVT can help clients identify and secure grant funding and incentives to lower the total cost of ownership for low-and zero-emission vehicles. 
  • Vehicle Procurement Options – Customers can work with SVT to procure vehicles from more than a dozen OEMs, as well as select from vehicles powered by traditional fuels or alternative fuels – including battery-electric, propane autogas, natural gas, or fuel cell. 
  • Uptime Support – By utilizing predictive analytics, SVT helps its clients coordinate maintenance schedules and get vehicles back into service quickly. SVT offers a national service network to manage vehicle maintenance and repairs and can provide clients with support through an on-site dedicated maintenance shop or via mobile support services. Additionally, SVT has a direct link with comprehensive collision services. 
  • Centralized Fleet Administration Support – SVT's fleet management system creates synergies between multiple data platforms and sources. Customized dashboards enable fleets to manage their vehicle administration, track real-time vehicle locations and driver performance, and more. Through its extensive network of contacts, SVT can also help its customers with driver recruitment and retention strategies. 
  • Vehicle Remarketing – Once a vehicle has reached the end of its useful life or fixed term, SVT will support the customer in either returning the vehicle to the supplier or selling it to a new customer. 
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