Regional Council leaders were announced from eight different regions in the U.S.

Regional Council leaders were announced from eight different regions in the U.S.

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The NAFA Fleet Management Association (NAFA) announced the leaders that make up the Regional Councils as part of NAFA’s new regional governance model rolled out earlier this year, according to the organization's news release.

“The new regional structure was born from a multiyear effort and driven by NAFA leadership, staff, and groups of members that shaped a plan to allow all members to make the most of their membership regardless of where they work,” said Bill Schankel, CAE, CEO of NAFA. “We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of interest to serve on our new Regional Councils and know these leaders will be instrumental in our ongoing evolution of NAFA to expand our member value as our industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace.”  

The following individuals sit on NAFA’s eight Regional Councils:


  • Jacqueline Agel (Chair).
  • Hannah Abdoo.
  • Justin Flannery.
  • Chris Langlois.
  • Brian J. Scott.


  • Brandon S. Boring (Chair).
  • Oleg Cytowicz.
  • David T. Hayward.
  • Tadeh Issakhanian. 
  • Robin N. Meritt.
  • Nancy L. Murray.
  • Lisa R. Nutter J.
  • Darryl Syler Kyle Waters.


  • Chris Hartlep (Chair).
  • Trevor Crawford.
  • Naomi Kislanski.
  • Donna Lind.
  • Jennifer J. Morgan.
  • Parthiban Parasuraman.
  •  Elizbeth Stomberg.
  • Josh Wallace.
  • Russell Werra.
  • Nicolas Wilson.


  • Kathy R. Wellik (Chair).
  • Lance Flegel.
  • Michael Keim.
  • Michael McDonald.
  • David D. McFarland.
  • Peggy Schuette.


  • James Laverty (Chair).
  • Eric Chitoubol. 
  • Levi C. Clark.
  • Jacob Mahan.
  • Jason Rosete.
  • Michael Stoller.


  • Brenda Peshel (Chair). 
  • Timothy E. Coxwell. 
  • Michael Naglieri. 
  • Marie A. Pepper. 
  • Dave Persad. 
  • Cedric B. Roberts. 
  • Shelley Warren.


  • Thomas Christian (Chair).
  • Amy Boone.
  • Tim Fortson.
  • Jeff G. Hill.
  • Brian Marshall.
  • Mike Mosakowski.
  • Bo Villarreal.
  • John T. Walden. 
  • Wayne W. Westerholm.


  • Josh E. Turley (Chair). 
  • Elmer Andujar. 
  • Mike Antich
  • Gwen Black. 
  • Patrick Collins. 
  • Lorie A. Gill. 
  • David Mattke. 
  • Bradley J. Northup. 
  • Desiree Taylor.
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