FoldPro Shelving from Safe Systems helps delivery drivers to be more efficient while also enhancing safety.  -  Photo: Safe Fleet

FoldPro Shelving from Safe Systems helps delivery drivers to be more efficient while also enhancing safety.

Photo: Safe Fleet

While some fleets find dash cameras to be invasive, others are embracing them as part of their safety program. Moreover, new safety innovations for busy delivery drivers are also in demand by fleets of all sizes. Safe Fleet recently introduced several new solutions designed to improve productivity and reduce the risk of injury to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

One noteworthy tool that fleet managers may want to consider is Safe Fleet’s MobileMule AI-powered dual dash camera. It detects common driver behavioral problems like drowsiness, sleeping, lack of seat belt usage, distracted driving, and phone usage and then sends alerts to help correct the behavior. The solution uploads to the cloud, while the road-facing camera records real-time alerts.

Using facial recognition software, the technology identifies drivers and tags them to their routes and vehicles. In addition, the technology detects and sends alerts for external events such as sudden braking, excessive acceleration, and harsh cornering — all of which are recorded and uploaded to the cloud.

There is also a multi-level privacy option, which offers blurring or total blackout options that protect drivers’ privacy at all times.

“With MobileMule AI, companies can improve their drivers’ behavior with integrated auxiliary cameras and dash monitor while saving millions in litigation. MobileMule is a cost-effective, scalable, and integrated solution that doesn't sacrifice privacy for safety,” said Alex Trkulja, director of sales, RVS-A Safe Fleet Brand. “Fleet managers can use its AI-powered driver cam and road cam, real-time alerts, and driver scoring capabilities to support productivity, coach drivers, and future-proof against expensive liabilities.”

FoldPro Shelving is another noteworthy product from Safe Fleet. Because speed is what counts in last mile delivery, FoldPro Shelving provides a solution with a unique design engineered to offer durability, enhanced productivity, and speed all while prioritizing safety. FoldPro Shelving is available for Transit, Sprinter, Promaster, and Box Truck vehicles.

The manufacturer says the product is safe, intuitive, and offers ergonomic operation. The one-hand operation features a dependable latch mechanism that holds each shelf securely in place, whether open or closed. Another benefit is that the shelving reduces driver distractions by minimizing vibration and noise thanks to the quiet spring retention shelf-latch system.

“With FoldPro Shelving, package delivery companies can increase not only safety, but also productivity by forcing organization and allowing storage flexibility for its drivers. FoldPro Shelving’s operation is effortless,” added Jon Busch, product manager, Prime Design-A Safe Fleet Brand. “In the fast-paced environment of last mile delivery channel, quick reconfiguration of the cargo space does not need to sacrifice safety. With FoldPro, package delivery companies can be confident in this while increasing driver productivity.”

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