NAFA will closely collaborate with the ESG Integrity team to create a program to help educate...

NAFA will closely collaborate with the ESG Integrity team to create a program to help educate and train fleet owners, operators, and managers on how best to address their ESG requirements. 

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ESG Integrity and the National Association of Fleet Managers (NAFA) announced in a statement a partnership program to assist the fuels and transportation industries with meeting the growing demand for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) planning and reporting.

ESG planning and reporting is becoming a necessary tool in maintaining and developing supply chain relationships and meeting the demands of clients and lenders. Based upon newly proposed Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules and existing business demands, publicly traded companies will most likely need to develop an ESG plan. According to the statement, this new partnership will provide guidance and reduce costs for fleets while yielding final ESG reports with Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions modeling and reporting.  

In order to have a well-structured plan, fleet managers will need to have systems and policies in place with the proper tools to be able to collect, compute, and report required metrics in an efficient and cost-effective capacity. 

"We are planning a series of educational webinars, the first to begin in late June so folks can understand what the ruling is, when it is coming, what it means to their business and how the ESG Integrity program can help them,” said Jeff Hove, vice president, Fuels Institute, in the statement. “One of our primary goals is to provide tools that help fleets improve their client relationships and create new business opportunities.”

ESG Integrity provides intuitive ESG reporting for transportation related companies, based on stakeholder input, careful analysis of ESG frameworks, transparent emissions modeling, and a desire to allow any size company the ability to begin the ESG journey. For NAFA members and fleet managers, this is an evolving need to calculate and track their fleet's emissions and emissions reductions.

The partnership with ESG Integrity will provide a reporting mechanism for ESG, which gives publicly traded companies and other fleet organizations that do ESG reporting the ability to get out front of requirements with convenient tools for a fraction of the cost. In addition, this tool provides the convenience of a generated final executive ESG report saving the fleet manager countless overhead associated costs. 

“As the proposed SEC ruling stands now, a sea of change is coming for publicly traded companies and their fleet operations,” added Patti Earley, CAFM, Florida Power and Light, fleet fueling operations manager and NAFA immediate past president. “The proposed ESG reporting requirements will become a critical component of operational plans and through this partnership, NAFA is helping to ease the burden for these publicly traded companies, as well as municipalities and other organizations that do ESG reporting. This partnership would also benefit any organization that wants to calculate and track their emissions." 

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