When Ben Franklin hypothesized that lightning was just an impressive form of electricity using a kite and a key, he couldn’t have imagined how that power would be harnessed hundreds of years later (much less to drive the modern horse-and-carriage).

Today, BMW personifies that once-luxurious form of travel in the all-new electric i4 Gran Coupe and BMW iX sport activity vehicle (SAV). No matter your cargo or passengers, the idea of moving from Point A to Point B has never been so, well, electric, and while you’ll still need a key to wield the power, the similarities end there.

Executive Power in the BMW iX

The contemporary luxury fleet is about to get an upgrade. Introducing the BMW iX, an all-new, all-electric SAV from BMW. Making deliveries now, the 2022 BMW iX represents a bold (and safe) step forward for today’s top fleets.

From the front grille to the rear bumper, the BMW iX performs inside and out. Featuring cutting-edge technology with the comfort of a mid-sized SUV, the new electric standard has an EPA-estimated battery-electric range of up to 324 miles and can achieve 90 miles after just 10 minutes on a DC fast charger. Every BMW iX also comes standard with the all-new Flexible Fast Charger, a portable device compatible with any 120V- or 240V-outlet for optimized charging wherever the road takes you.

Gone are the days of trading sustainability for performance. Today, the BMW iX features all-wheel, dual-motor drive with a maximum 516 hp and up to 564 lb-ft. of torque for quick zip despite heavier cargo or tows. With customizable SPORT, EFFICIENT, and PERSONAL driving modes, meet the road on your own terms, especially in the all-new BMW iX M60 upgraded model, which features dual high-performance electric motors that deliver 610 hp and up to 811 lb.-ft. torque.

Inside, the BMW iX features a powerful new operating system in the standard iDrive 8 as the anchor of your interactive digital display. Walking up to the vehicle triggers a choreographed welcome light display, unlocks its doors, and loads your customized settings without even taking the key out of your pocket. Available 5G technology means you’ll never miss a wireless factory update and the iDrive 8 cloud-based navigation means you’ll never miss a charging opportunity.

Voice-activated Apple CarPlay or Android Auto are standard atop a slew of available apps to stay cool, connected, and informed while listening to the news, a favorite podcast, or classic radio through available Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound with 30 strategically placed speakers throughout the cabin for maximum immersion.

Striking, sleek, aerodynamic, and expansive, the BMW iX cuts a bold figure no matter where the road takes you.

The BMW i4 gran coupe and the Sales Fleet of the Future

What happens when tried-and-true fifth-gen eDrive technology meets first-gen all-electric innovation?

The all-new, all-electric, all- and rear-wheel-drive  BMW i4. Equipped with dual electric motors atop a perfectly balanced chassis and a low-mount battery to lower the center of gravity, reduce drag, and increase performance, the new BMW i4 is equipped to change the luxury and sales fleet segment. With an EPA-estimated range up to 301 miles, the BMW i4 will take you wherever you need—much less desire—to go.

Like the larger BMW iX, the BMW i4 is equipped with DC fast-charging capabilities. A Level 2 BMW Wallbox is also available to go from 0-100% in under 10 hours and the new Flexible Fast Charger makes any 120V- or 240V-outlet a viable solution to rest easy, charge up, and get to the next destination. With a long wheelbase, extended hood, short deck, and futuristic technology underneath the hood, the BMW i4 projects strength, quality, and endurance inside and out.

A classic BMW design paired with luxurious details such as available Adaptive LED headlights in the front and a refined rear diffuser in the back bookend the most aerodynamic BMW ever built. Inside, the BMW i4 is a full five-seater and features a modern curved display that anchors the dashboard and standard interior sport seats. The iDrive 8 Operating System is the latest and most advanced innovative model of BMW’s onboard technology and is bolstered by 5G connectivity and remote software upgrades. BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant means you’ll never miss a turn (or opportunity) in the city at night and gets smarter with every interaction. An available Heads-Up Display projects pertinent driving information (navigation, speed, and more) as a futuristic, easy-to-see readout above the wheel.

Get where you’re going the best way possible—in the BMW i4.