EMKAY has a long history industry-firsts in leasing.  -  EMKAY

EMKAY has a long history industry-firsts in leasing.


Michael Braude, first president of EMKAY  -  EMKAY

Michael Braude, first president of EMKAY


It was on March 29, 1946, that EMKAY Car Leasing Co. Inc. began operations from inside Midway Chevrolet. Morton Weiss and Sam Katzin, co-owners of Midway Chevrolet, named Sam Katzin’s brother-in-law Michael Braude as president of this new venture. At the time, the leasing industry was almost non-existent, with only a few companies offering long-term rentals or leases. The two innovators had set in motion a series of events, however, that would see EMKAY grow into a prominent player in the soon-to-be expanding leasing industry.


Gary Tepas joined EMKAY in 1978.  -  EMKAY

Gary Tepas joined EMKAY in 1978.


Under Braude’s direction the company quickly grew out of the small space allocated within the dealership. Katzin and Braude then decided to move EMKAY to its own building and rename the venture EMKAY, Inc. As the leasing industry continued to expand, EMKAY was named the third-largest lessor in the U.S. in 1958. EMKAY’s steady growth rate continued through the 1960s. In 1973, Braude and Katzin sold the business to Indiana Capital Corp., which was headed by Samuel Rea. In 1978, Gary Tepas joined EMKAY as VP of sales. Growth during the 1980s led to a new headquarters building in 1987, with further additions coming in 1996 and land purchases for future growth in 2003. By 1996, Indiana Capital Corp exited, and Gary Tepas was named chairman and CEO of EMKAY. Fast forward to today, and from its humble beginnings EMKAY is now one of the Top 10 fleet management companies in the U.S.


Year Milestone Year Milestone


Midway Chevrolet founded in Chicago by Samuel Katzin and Martin Weiss

1995 Industry "First" to utilize "Total Server Mirroring" and 100% unlimited Power Backup
1946 EMKAY Car Leasing Co. Inc. begins business inside Midway Chevrolet; Michael Braude named President 1996 EMKAY celebrates 50 years; Gary Tepas named Chairman and CEO
1952 EMKAY Car Leasing Co. Inc. relocates to its own facility in Chicago and renamed to EMKAY, Inc. 1997 Industry "First" to offer a 100% customizable vehicle driver policy & handbook
1973 Providing fuel credit cards to lease customers is an industry first 2004 EMKAY acquires AM Leasing Corp.
1978 Gary Tepas joins EMKAY as V.P. Sales 2006 EMKAY acquires PHD Leasing
1979 Industry "First" to use a network-based computer system 2007 Gary Tepas named President and COO of EMKAY
1980 Gary Tepas named President of EMKAY 2010 Industry "First" CELSIUS desktop widget for fleet administrators; Industry "First" driver app called Driver 360
1982 Industry "First" to have a magazine-type annual guide 2011 Industry "First" fleet administrator Fleet 360 app; EMKAY acquires JPL Canada
1983 Industry "First" to provide all employees their own desktop PCs 2012 Remarketing/Auction app "EMKAY Select" allows buyers to review vehicle history
1985 EMKAY Motors founded in Schaumburg 2014 EMKAY is first lessor to implement Auto Integrate
1988 EMKAY relocates to new HQ in Itasca, IL. 2015 Greg DePace named President of EMKAY
1989 Industry "First" to promote lower debt-to-equity ratios 2019 EMKAY releases safety suit utility app "SafeRoads"
1992 Industry "First" and still only to have a "Big Brother"-type Driver Profile System 2021 EMKAY celebrates 75 years