Reckless driving and speeding spiked during COVID-19.  -  Photo via Sourav/

Reckless driving and speeding spiked during COVID-19.

Photo via Sourav/

More than 20% of Subaru WRX owners had a prior speeding violation as compared with the 10.5% national average — making Subaru WRX the car model with the most speeding tickets, according to a recent analysis from Insurify

Reckless driving and speeding spiked during COVID-19. With open roads, drivers may have felt a lack of inhibition. The research team at Insurify was curious to understand which car models accumulated the most speeding violations. 

Other models that ranked among the top five for speeding violations include Volkswagen GTI (17% of car owners), Subaru Impreza (nearly 16%), Infiniti G37 (15%), and Dodge Dart (15%). 

Dodge is the brand with the most models (four) that made Insurify’s top 10 list. In addition to the Dart, the top 10 list includes Dodge Challenger — ranking seventh for speeding violations — as well as Dodge RAM 2500 (eighth) and Dodge Charger (ninth). 

The report also notes that between 2019 and 2020, most of the car models that made the top 10 list for speeding violations remained the same. Seven out of 10 car models on this year’s list were also on Insurify’s top 10 2019 list. 

Although driving was down during the pandemic, traffic fatalities soared to 38,680 in 2020, an alarming 7.2% increase over 2019 and the highest number of lost lives since 2017, according to the National Highway Traffic Administration. Safety advocates attribute the steep rise in deaths to risky behaviors — with speeding being a major culprit. 

Speeding remains one of the riskiest driving behaviors on U.S. roadways. In 2019, 9,478 people lost their lives in speed-related crashes. That’s more than a quarter of all traffic fatalities. Research shows higher speeds increase the likelihood and severity of collisions.

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