The Women in Fleet profile series introduces fleet managers to some of the most influential women in fleet. Every month, we get to know another positive force in the fleet industry. 

This month we meet Jodie Varner, vice president of client engagement at Fleet Response.  

Getting into Fleet

Varner has been involved in the fleet industry for the past 16 years, working with Fleet Response for her entire fleet career. 

“I studied marketing and communications with a focus on business. I worked in a non-profit before joining Fleet Response as the communications coordinator,” Varner explained. “I quickly took on a role working with clients to gather feedback to enhance our online tools and overall product offering.” 

After joining the company in 2004 and during the 16 years, Varner has been with Fleet Response. She has worn several hats during her tenure, with past roles including Communications Coordinator, Manager of Business Development, Director of Business Development, and VP of Client Engagement. 

“I originally managed a team of two people. Now I oversee a department of 20 team members in four areas of distinct business responsibilities – Product Development, Safety Program Management, Corporate Communications, and Client Engagement,” Varner explained.

Today, Varner is responsible for overseeing the company’s corporate communications, leading integral strategic initiatives, and driving customer engagement and satisfaction strategy across the entire organization. 

Learning & Staying Successful

With a decade and a half of experience, Varner is resourceful, taking every chance she can to learn from experience. 

“I think our biggest opportunities have been to work with a customer that faces a unique business need and help them create a solution. Whether its capturing data from a driver for safety or claims purposes, streamlining workflows to help repair vehicles, or deliver data at an executive level to help them make strategic decisions – every obstacle is an opportunity to create something new for our clients,” Varner shared.

Staying successful takes perseverance in any industry, and fleet is no exception. 

“At the end of the day, it comes down to execution and consistency for your customers, your team, and the company,” Varner said.

Learning is a key theme when speaking to Varner, who advised, “it is important to keep your mind sharp and fresh with new ideas and learnings about your industry.”

Looking Forward

“In five years, I am hoping to continue to be helping Fleet Response build our strategic vision to support our fleet, risk, and safety teams and help them achieve their corporate goals,” she said.

You May Not Know: “I enjoy playing volleyball and coaching my daughter’s junior high school team,” Varner shared.

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