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Chevrolet Offers Predictive Maintenance Alerts

Chevrolet is offering a predictive maintenance alerting system called Onstar Proactive Alerts that monitors the health of the vehicle and notifies drivers to take the vehicle in for service.

GM Tests Mobileye Mapping, Pushing Autonomous Driving

General Motors is testing new mapping technology from Mobileye that can use crowd-sourced real-time data, which is collected by OnStar for localization and high definition lane data. The data collected could support fully autonomous driving.

Diesel Chevrolet Colorado Provides Duramax Appeal

The updated 2016 Chevrolet Colorado comes with a 2.8L Duramax turbo-diesel engine and the fleet-exclusive Work Truck trim allows fleet managers to look outside of the heavy-duty truck segment. The Colorado Duramax Diesel carves its path in the mid-size truck market.

OnStar Helps Rescue Kidnapped Federal Agent

Here's an ABC News report on how an emergency call to OnStar disrupted the kidnapping of a Texas-based federal agent vacationing with his family in Florida. Four teenage suspects were eventually arrested, the Orange County Sheriff's Department said.

GM's OnStar Hacked, Volt Engine Started

A hacker has found a security vulnerability in General Motors' OnStar mobile app that allowed him to locate a Chevrolet Volt, unlock the vehicle, and start its engine.