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Driver Training

ADTS Offers Topical Driver Safety Training

Advanced Driver Training Services will begin offering Special Topic Presentations as training to help fleet drivers identify and eliminate unsafe habits and collisions.

How to Reduce Collisions

Commercial fleet drivers log a lot of miles, which puts them at higher risk for accidents. The annual accident rate for commercial fleets is around 20% with some industries even higher.

Asset- vs. Driver-Based Safety Programs

The two key pillars to fleet safety are spec’ing the asset to ensure a vehicle is safe and managing driver behavior. Both are effective safety strategies, but there are limitations and constraints to an asset-focused fleet safety program.

10 Ways to Minimize Distracted Driving

Known as ‘the new drunk driving,’ distracted driving claims thousands of lives each year. Here’s how work truck fleets deal with distracted driving temptations.

Are You Loading Your Box Trucks Safely?

When the truck stops, safety doesn’t. Consider floor weight reinforcement, slip prevention, cargo management, and ramp safety strategies to avoid injuries and workers’ comp claims.