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Six new members, including telematics provider Spireon, have joined Automotive Grade Linux, a collaborative effort to develop an open platform for the connected car. With the addition of these companies and organizations, the project is now 130 members strong.

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Fleet’s Scope of Responsibilities Grows Increasingly Fuzzy

At one time, the scope of the fleet department’s responsibilities was crystal clear. However, over time these demarcation lines have shifted and departmental boundaries separating them have become fuzzy. Now, collaboration with sourcing, legal, HR, finance, sales, service, and environmental, health & safety (EHS) is needed, often requiring approvals or buy-in from individual departments. There is only one strategy fleet managers can adopt in this new world of fleet management and here it is.

10 Ways to Communicate the Value of Fleet Management

It is a refrain that has been a fleet manager's burden for decades, and all too often not without reason: "Management doesn't appreciate or understand what I do." Here are 10 ways to help create understanding.