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Accident Costs Go Up...Up...Up

A stressful environment surrounds fleet, and increased accident management costs are contributing to fleet manager anxiety.

Steps for Reducing Preventable Accidents

Accident management costs are consistently increasing year-over-year. Several experts shared their recommendations and steps to reducing preventable accidents.

American Traveler Motor Club Expands Member Benefits

SARASOTA FL – The American Traveler Motor Club announced an alliance with Corporate Claims Management Services to provide ATMC members with auto body collision repair services at fleet industry rates through CCM’s network of repair centers.

CCM Launches National ‘Guaranteed Savings’ Campaign

IVYLAND, PA - Corporate Claims Management (CCM) has developed a "Guaranteed Savings" approach to the cost of operating a fleet. As part of this effort, fleet personnel have an opportunity to conduct a "30-second audit" in the comfort of their office.

Shadley Named Director of Safety Programs for CCM

IVYLAND, PA - Randy Shadley has joined Corporate Claims Management (CCM) as director of Safety Programs. He has nearly 30 years of fleet industry experience helping organizations evaluate and improve their vehicle fleet and fleet safety programs.

NY Insurers Can Settle Claims With Preloaded Credit Cards

ALBANY, NY --- Attorneys with the New York Insurance Department have released a written opinion confirming that insurance companies in the state have the right to pay claims by issuing debit or preloaded credit cards to claimants instead of conventional settlement checks.