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Assembly Plants

Hyundai Beefing Up Sedan Production in Alabama

Hyundai will build a $388 million engine plant in Montgomery, Ala., that will support production of new models of the Sonata and Elantra sedans. The plant is expected to open by the middle of 2019, the company has announced.

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Subaru's Ascent Three-Row SUV Begins Production

The midsize SUV will be the fourth Subaru vehicle produced at Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. in Lafayette, along with the Outback, Legacy, and Impreza.

South African Strike Shuts Down Auto Manufacturing Plants

A South African union group arranged a one-day strike to raise the national minimum wage which shut down several vehicle manufacturing plants.

Nissan Brazil Produces 30K Vehicles for Export

In its first year of producing vehicles for export, the plant produced 10,000 unites, and in the following year saw a 200% increase.

PSA Group Building South Africa Assembly Plant

PSA Group will set up an assembly plan in South Africa in an effort to sell more cars in the region.

GM to Sell Its Autonomous Car in 2019

General Motors will begin building production-ready models of its Cruise AV autonomous vehicle at its Orion Township assembly plant with an intent to begin selling it in 2019. The vehicle can operate with no driver, steering wheel, pedals, or manual controls.

GM Restructuring South Korea Operations

General Motors will close one of its four South Korea factories by the end of May as part of a restructuring of its operations in the country to make its business more profitable.

FCA Relocating Ram Heavy Duty Truck Production to U.S.

FCA is relocating production of its next-generation Ram Heavy Duty truck from a production location in Mexico to an assembly plant in Michigan, a facility that the automaker is investing more than $1 billion in to modernize as well as add 2,500 new jobs.

Nissan Brazil Assembly Line Reaches 150K Milestone

Nissan has assembled its 150,000 vehicle at its plant in Brazil, accomplishing the milestone a little over three years after the plant was established.

VW Opens Assembly Plant in Algeria

Volkswagen has opened the vehicle assembly plant as part of its joint venture with SOVAC S.P.A. to produce a lineup of VW models.