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General Motors has completed the engineering and remanufacturing of its first-generation EV1 electric cars, and will begin re-leasing them, but it already has customers for the 200 it will make available, and doesn’t plan to offer any more. GM said it is fullfilling its pledge to begin offering them in the first quarter of 2001; the first deliveries are expected this month.

Original “Gen I” EV1 lessees who said they would like to participate in the second lease program (including individuals, fleets, and partners) will receive the majority of the vehicles.

GM claims it will receive no credits from the California Air Resources Board toward its zero-emission vehicle requirements, and that it has invested more in each EV1 rebuild than the complete cost of many midsize cars. Some of the remaining EV1s will be used in further development of EVs, Gen III propulsion systems, traction drive, and the engineering of other advances transportation endeavors.

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