SACRAMENTO, CA - Eckhaus Fleet is proud to announce that they have been chosen to sell the 100% electric Mitsubishi MIEV, nationwide to commercial and government fleets.

The 100% electric Mitsubishi i combines performance with a compact carbon footprint, and a roomy interior for four adults. The range of 62 miles* is based on an advanced lithium-ion battery pack. The Mitsubishi i offers a viable alternative to conventionally fueled vehicles. With its size, maneuverability and fuel savings, it’s often the right choice for urban locations, airports, short deliveries, car sharing, campus security and courier applications, among many other fleet purposes.

Thanks to Mitsubishi’s proprietary MiEV operating system, the Mitsubishi i gets a 112-combined MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent). Mitsubishi has already delivered approximately 20,000 i-MIEV cars in Japan and Europe, and the proven safety and performance history is excellent.

A special fleet model that includes LEVEL lll Fast Charging capability is priced at $30,650 including delivery, (plus tax and licensing). Tax incentives include $7,500 from the federal government and many states offer incentives as well! In addition, many local districts have incentives available too. This would bring the price down to $23,150, or less.**

To a fleet manager, the only question is, “How will this car help me meet my fleet needs?” You can finally “dilute” your fuel with these cars in your fleet.

For orders and more information contact:

Bill Williams
Green Motion Authorized Fleet Sales
[email protected]
(310) 601-6751


Mark Eckhaus
Eckhaus Fleet
[email protected]
(800) 768-3303

*Based upon various EPA testing methods using different driving conditions and climate controls; the EPA rated the Mitsubishi i with a driving range of 62 miles per charge. Actual range will vary depending on driving/charging habits, speed, conditions, weather, temperature, and battery age. Gradual loss of battery capacity will result with time and use.

**Taxpayer must incur federal tax liability to receive full benefit. Some States and Counties offer tax incentives in addition to federal incentives. Consult your tax professional.