LOMBARD, IL – Veolia Transportation, the largest private-sector operator of multiple modes of transit in North America, has partnered with SmartDrive to install that company’s “eco-driving” technology in 5,000 of Veolia Transportation-operated vehicles throughout the U.S., beginning in May.

According to a Veolia representative, this rollout is across the board for its vans, sedans, taxis, and paratransit vehicles.

Veolia's On-Demand division includes SuperShuttle, ExecuCar (private sedan service), and taxi businesses, in addition to shuttle services and tour buses.

“Veolia is committed to helping its clients improve safety and productivity. In fact, we were one of the first transportation companies to use camera technology as part of our safety program,” said Shelly Hall, Veolia’s Vice President of Safety, Transit Division.  “We’re moving to SmartDrive because we want to continue to lead the transportation industry in identifying and encouraging driver safety and, in this era of escalating fuel costs, reducing fuel consumption. The SmartDrive Safety system equips us with the very latest tools and technology to ensure that we do.”

SmartDrive uses video, audio and ECU-connected vehicle data sensors to detect and record risky driving maneuvers, such as sudden stops, hard cornering, aggressive acceleration, and excessive speed. The system uses detection of these maneuvers to recommend actions to improve safe driving performance. The SmartDrive recorder system also enables drivers to instantly recognize fuel-wasting maneuvers with in-cab visual driver feedback. Because the SmartRecorder is connected to a vehicle’s engine computer, it's possible to measure actual improvement in fuel savings, Veolia stated.

“Veolia puts safety and eco-driving first for their customers and the communities they serve. We’re gratified that Veolia recognizes the benefits that SmartDrive technology brings to this mission by taking these safety and fuel-efficient driving capabilities to a higher level than ever before,” said Palmer.

Veolia will begin installing the SmartRecorder systems in more than 5,000 Veolia-operated vehicles in May. Following this roll-out, the company plans to deploy the video-based safety and eco-driving solution within its entire fleet of Veolia transit.

According to SmartDrive’s President Jason Palmer, SmartDrive Safety can reduce a fleet’s collision frequency by more than 60 percent in the first year. Veolia chose SmartDrive’s system after evaluating and field testing technologies from multiple vendors, the company stated.