McHENRY, IL - Residents in the City of McHenry, Ill., will be allowed to bring their commercial vehicles home and park them on their driveways overnight, according to the Northwest Herald. Previously, commercial vehicles were restricted from being parked overnight in driveways in a residential area and had to be kept in a garage.

However, the new ordinance recently passed by City Council allowing commercial vehicle parking in driveways limits the number of vehicles to one.

City staff originally proposed allowing two commercial vehicles, but the City Council decided to limit the commercial vehicles to one, City Administrator Chris Black said, reported the Herald.

The new rules are meant to benefit people who are able to bring their work vehicles home, or who may run their own businesses out of their homes.

Commercial vehicles parked overnight in a residential area cannot be taller than 9-ft. and longer than 25-ft.

Businesses such as heating and air conditioning businesses, electrical businesses, or plumbing businesses that use cargo vans are types of businesses that will benefit, Deputy City Administrator Doug Martin said, reported the Herald.

Stake bed trucks, box trucks, dump trucks, boom trucks, earth-moving equipment, tow trucks, step-vans, semi-tractor trailers or any vehicles heavier than 10,000 lbs. are not allowed to be parked or stored in residential areas, under the new ordinance.

Heavier vehicles can damage residential roads. Longer vehicles can block the sidewalks, and aesthetically, neither is pleasing, Martin said, according to the Herald.

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