SAN DIEGO --- Aptera Motors, based in Vista, Calif., plans to begin producing the Aptera 2e -- a three-wheeled, all-electric vehicle -- next year, 10News reported. 

The aerodynamically styled, futuristic-looking vehicle has drawn 4,000 advanced deposits of $500 each from consumers, the company said. 

President Obama last week signed legislation making two- and three-wheeled vehicles eligible for the Department of Energy's advanced technology vehicle program, a federal loan program for companies that make vehicles that can get 75 mpg or more. Originally, Aptera didn't qualify for the program because its vehicle has three wheels instead of four. 

Congressman Brian Bilbray (R-San Diego) was behind the bill that changed the loan policy. 

Aptera has applied for a $75 million loan. The company eventually hopes to manufacture 100,000 Apteras annually.

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