STUTTGART, GERMANY - Mercedes-Benz has the most satisfied customers in the premium segment, according to a recent study by J.D. Power and Associates, the 2009 Germany VOSS Study. In the Service Satisfaction category, Mercedes-Benz ranked highest among the premium brands.

The J.D. Power survey evaluates overall vehicle ownership satisfaction in the categories of Vehicle Quality, Vehicle Appeal, Vehicle Ownership Costs and Service Satisfaction. This year's survey polled 16,283 drivers in Germany online with regard to aspects such as service consultant friendliness, service facility conditions, and the thoroughness of work performed. Across all assessment categories for service satisfaction, Mercedes-Benz performed well above the industry average. Mercedes-Benz finished fourth in the overall industry ranking of the J.D. Power survey's service satisfaction factor.

Three years ago, Mercedes-Benz launched a program to boost customer satisfaction with its sales and service. This program, which has since been implemented worldwide, consists of activities and projects that address direct customer contact management and process and system optimization. Mercedes-Benz is also improving its service performance through intensive, continual and long-term training measures, with some 150,000 service employees having already participated in training programs to date. This effort has paid off, as customer satisfaction with Mercedes-Benz service has improved significantly in nearly all markets since the program was launched.