SUNNYVALE, CA – AT&T Inc. has added TeleNav Vehicle Tracker to its portfolio of enterprise mobility services. TeleNav Vehicle Tracker is a GPS-enabled device hard-wired or embedded onto a vehicle offering companies of all sizes a method for monitoring and managing fleet operations. Once installed, TeleNav Vehicle Tracker powers up and is active without requiring any additional driver interaction or resources, according to the company.

"TeleNav Vehicle Tracker from AT&T is backed up by mobile applications consulting and deployment support with a single point of contact, for faster time-to-value for AT&T customers," said Igor Glubochansky, director, Industry Solutions for AT&T.

TeleNav Vehicle Tracker is accompanied by TeleNav's secure, password-protected, and Web-based management console. Managers can log onto the site and view the location of each vehicle in the fleet. The Web console also provides:

·         Historical mileage and breadcrumb reports that help organizations analyze fleet performance in order to improve productivity and reduce operational costs.

·         Notifications to managers via e-mail or SMS when employees violate a company policy for vehicle speed, stop time, or mileage.

·         Detailed information about vehicle activity, including whether the engine is turned on or doors are open.

TeleNav Vehicle Tracker is available immediately on AT&T's wireless network. Additional information can be found at and