-  Photo by Andy Lundin.

Photo by Andy Lundin. 

Geotab has surpassed 2 million subscribers, which the company said makes it the world’s largest commercial telematics company.

The company's source for that claim was Susan Beardslee, principal analyst at ABI Research, a research firm that has provided research on transformative technologies via a worldwide team of analysts since 1990.

“ABI Research finds that as of January 2020, Geotab — with more than two million commercial telematics subscribers across the globe — is officially the world's largest commercial telematics company,” said Beardslee.

Geotab made this announcement at its Geotab Connect 2020 event, which kicked off Monday and will conclude Thursday at the San Diego Convention Center. 

Some of the statistics that Geotab shared on its path to 2 million subscribers included the fact that Geotab Go devices are used in more than 130 countries, that its ecosystem has captured nearly 3 million charging events from electric vehicles, that on average Geotab customers drive 585 million miles per week, and that more than 40 billion data points are collected each day from Geotab-connected vehicles around the world.

Geotab launched its software service solution in 2006. Over the past five years, the company has seen an average annual subscriber growth rate of 40%. As of the first quarter of 2018, the company has  experienced a 100% increase.

“In February 2018, we announced that Geotab had achieved its goal of becoming the first telematics company to achieve 1 million connected vehicles built on a single, open platform. In less than two years, we have doubled that number and set a new, unprecedented milestone,” said Geotab CEO Neil Cawse.

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