Prineta has become a national master distributor of ATM Boss route management and commission payments software, after a six month evaluation period, the company has announced.

"Over the years, Prineta developed home-grown systems, mostly comprised of online spreadsheets, to try to manage our routes, commission payments, and partner network," said Tanner Morton, Prineta's co-founder and managing partner. "It took too long to get commissions done, and we had other cash loading and repair challenges. After using ATM Boss, we realized this software could allow us to scale our business to the next level."

ATM Boss is a cloud-based service that was built to meet the needs of independent ATM deployers. The ATM Boss system is comprised of three modules consisting of route planning, commissions and customer relationship management.

"Most often we observe that ATM operators spend a couple hours each day to plan their routes," said Peter Buonaiuto, ATM Boss co-founder and president. "And we observe they typically are using 20% to 30% more vault cash than they need. Additionally, we find that running the route is not done as optimally as it can be. Utilizing the ATM Boss route optimization tool and its mobile app can reduce the number of vaulters or number of vaulting hours by as much as 25%."

Commission payments, whether being done monthly or even quarterly for the payment of revenue sharing for retail ATM locations, master accounts and sales people can be a complicated and painstaking process.

"Prineta has over 100 different commission plans, over a thousand locations, and we have market partners that share the revenue as well as independent sales agents," said Conner Morton, Prineta's managing partner and operations director. "There are often three to five levels of payments on each ATM account, and each level has a different commission rate. ATM Boss was able to handle it all."