Driving Dynamics Inc. has introduced DriveWiseAdvantage to the U.S. market, as its latest behind-the-wheel training course for drivers who operate light- and medium-duty vehicles. DriveWise is an on-road behavior and skills coaching service designed to help drivers acknowledge, address and correct poor driving habits, risky behaviors and diminished skills.

Before completing the hands-on coaching session, learners are required to complete three online assignments, including the One Second Advantage online learning lesson that provides an overview of fundamental driver safety skills and techniques, along with a driver behavioral risk assessment and a safety skills self-assessment.

After reviewing the results of these assignments, the Driving Dynamics' certified coach will conduct a two-to-one, driver-to-coach personalized session centered on the specific needs of each learner, according to the company. With the coach's guidance, learners complete an "acknowledging influencing factors" exercise and a personal awareness and action plan. During the in-vehicle portion, two learners rotate driving responsibilities under the direction of the coach, with all three completing an on-road observation card.  

Using the information gathered, the coach submits a final observation summary report and makes it, along with other supporting documents, available electronically to the driver and his or her designated employer management personnel.

"We recognized the need in the marketplace for a course such as this. For fleets looking for a high quality, holistic end-to-end driver safety solution this type of coaching is an essential part of the service mix," said Art Liggio, president and chief executive. "Driving Dynamics has always been a proponent of both skills and behavior-based training—they go hand in hand. Drivers need advanced driving skills but also to understand how their behavior influences the choices they make and ultimately their driving ability."

Also through the related DriveGlobalAdvantage, Driving Dynamics will facilitate access to DriveTech International's training partner network for global fleets that want to provide a managed international standard and a similar and consistent coaching experience regardless of country or language. This international network currently has a reach that extends to more than 90 countries and is available in more than 30 languages. In 2017, Driving Dynamics formed an alliance with United Kingdom-based DriveTech International to be a global network partner and for reseller rights in North America.

Driving Dynamics is showcasing its DriveWise service at booth #12 during the 2018 NETS Annual Strength in Numbers conference from Oct. 10-11 in Frisco, Texas, and at the Fleet Safety Conference from Oct. 29-31 in Henderson, Nevada.