Photo of 2016 Focus Titanium courtesy of Ford.

Photo of 2016 Focus Titanium courtesy of Ford.

Ford Motor Co. is recalling an estimated 5,357 Ford Focus cars from 2015-2016 and Ford Fusion cars from 2013-2014 for a clutch defect.

The recall covers Focus compact sedans equipped with a 1.0L GTDI engine and six-speed manual transmission as well as Fusion mid-size sedans equipped with a 1.6L GTDI engine and six-speed manual transmission because the clutch may crack, causing damage to the transmission assembly and possibly a transmission fluid leak.

A transmission leak in the presence of an ignition source such as a hot engine or exhaust components could increase the risk of a fire.

To fix the problem, Ford will notify owners, and dealers will update the Focus cars with software that detects and prevents prolonged clutch slip. Dealers will also replace the clutch, if needed, at no charge to owners. For Fusion cars, dealers will replace the clutch assembly free-of-cost to owners.

Presently, parts are not available. Ford will notify owners of the recall with an interim notification beginning March 26; a second letter will be sent at the time the parts are available, anticipated to be sometime in the second quarter of 2018.

Owners can reach Ford customer service at (866) 436-7332. Ford's reference number for this recall is 18S07.