Environmental commitment is nothing new for SC Johnson, a manufacturer of household cleaning products and products for home storage, air care, personal care, and insect control. For 122 years, the company has held steadfast to its environmental commitment and spirit of innovation. A recent green activity occurred in its sales force.  

As SC Johnson sales representatives hit the road these days, many are choosing to do so in hybrid vehicles, according to Jenny Taylor, global public affairs manager for the company. "The sales force is excited and eager to consider hybrid cars once the existing leases on their current cars expire," said Taylor.

Nearly two-thirds of the sales force’s new-car orders this spring were for hybrids, and by the end of Fall, approximately 14 percent of its sales fleet consisted of hybrid cars.


Hybrids Working Well So Far

SC Johnson began offering hybrid vehicles as an option to the sales force last year, said Taylor. Toyota Camry Hybrid and Prius models were incorporated into the fleet through a lease agreement with LeasePlan USA.

SC Johnson will add new hybrid vehicles to its sales fleet each year through 2011 under the terms of the lease, according to Taylor. "We are striving to have the company’s sales force achieve an average of 40 miles per gallon," she said.

"We expect the service life of hybrid cars to be the same as conventional vehicles," Taylor said. "However, SC Johnson does plan to upgrade our hybrid cars every three years, or 60,000 miles, to offer the sales force the latest and greatest technology available."


Environmental Commitment

SC Johnson’s annual sales are $7.5 billion, and globally it employs approximately 12,000 people.

The use of hybrid vehicles is the latest of several environmental initiatives the company has undertaken, including working toward a goal of sourcing 40 percent of its global electricity usage from renewable sources by 2011.

"Our greenhouse gas emissions are down 15 percent since 2000," said Pat Penman, the company’s director, global environmental and safety actions. "Adding new hybrids to our fleet each year through 2011 will help ensure we maintain this reduction trend, achieve our global clean air goals, and continue to do what’s right for families and our planet."