Christy Coyte



Coyte is global fleet manager for Johnson Controls, Inc., an automotive systems and facility management control company. She oversees fleet operations in more than 20 countries, managing more than 14,000 vehicles. In this role, she oversees the strategic direction, coordination, and implementation and management of fleet activities throughout North and South America, and Europe. Before joining fleet 13 years ago, Coyte began her career with Johnson Controls in 1978, holding various positions in audit, legal, and human resources. She is a NAFA member, currently serving as Michigan chapter secretary. Coyte also serves on the GM Fleet and Commercial Sounding Board and LeasePlan’s Future Directions (U.S.) and Global Advisory boards.

Joe LaRosa

 LaRosa was one of the first in the industry to manage order cycles to take advantage of the strong fall resale market. LaRosa is currently responsible for a domestic fleet of nearly 9,000 vehicles and approximately 14,000 vehicles outside the U.S. at Merck and Company. At his previous employer, he consistently decreased average cost per vehicle and saved the company nearly $4 million over two model-years. As director of global fleet services, LaRosa has implemented a new total cost of ownership model for Merck, which is already making important policy and administrative changes in managing fleet and safety and accident management, resulting in significant cost savings in a very short time frame. 

Edward Olesky

Responsible for driving strategic and operational planning processes, Oleksy is a key contributor to the development and execution of fleet policies, procedures, and worldwide governance standards. His tasks also include developing innovative fleet practices with focus on customers, safety, cost management, and productivity. With more than 30 years of fleet management experience, Oleksy oversees the progress of Pfizer’s goals, which include expanding the U.S. alternate-fuel test program, promoting implementation of a global fleet safety program, and continuing to support environmentally friendly programs to achieve the company goal of reducing carbon emissions by 20 percent in 2008. In addition to his position as co-leader of Pfizer’s vehicle safety committee, Oleksy is approaching 30 years as a NAFA member, where he previously served as N.J. chapter vice chairman and program director. Oleksy has also served on advisory board for CEI and is currently a member of the GM Fleet and Commercial Sounding Board.