Professional credentialing has exploded in the past three decades. Many professional and trade associations now offer credentials to members and nonmembers. For instance, on the fleet/lease side of the business, the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) offers the Certified Automotive Fleet Manager program. The National Vehicle Leasing Association (NVLA) offers the Certified Vehicle Leasing Executive program. There are a variety of certification programs on the dealer side of the business. Why not for the remarketing industry? It is glaring that an industry the size of the automotive remarketing field does not have a certification program, especially in the wake of the dramatic and dynamic changes that have occurred in the remarketing industry. The Purpose of the CAR Certification
The mission of the proposed IARA Certified Automotive Remarketer program is to enhance and promote the vehicle remarketing profession by providing the premier credential in the industry. To accomplish this, the CAR certification program will:
  • Enhance the image of the remarketing profession by establishing and maintaining the highest level of ethics and standards of practice.
  • Establish the designation as the educational standard of excellence in remarketing and create authoritative sources of remarketing information.
  • Offer educational networking and information exchange for increased competitive advantages.
  • Foster professional education through a curriculum that features the elements of effective automotive remarketing.
  • Recognize professionals with exceptional knowledge of the practices and principles of effective remarketing.
  • Promote the highest professional standards in the remarketing industry for both the private and public sector. The IARA seeks to accomplish this mission by creating a fair, valid, and reliable assessment process by which remarketing professionals can demonstrate their knowledge and skills. It will grant certification to those who meet the program standards and will communicate the value of the credential to the industry and other key constituencies. Who’s Eligible for the CAR Designation?
    The proposed CAR Certification is designed for experienced automotive remarketers. The IARA currently has an online education program developed for the entry-level education of those new to the industry or a particular discipline within the industry. The proposed CAR program is designed for those in the industry who are at a more experienced level. The candidate is required to have three consecutive years of experience in the vehicle remarketing sector for the CAR designation. No age or education minimums will be required. Eligible candidates include auto manufacturers, dealers /wholesalers, lessors, daily rental companies, financial institutions/banks, corporate fleets, other institutional consignors, auctions (physical and/or online), and remarketing management companies. Those not qualified in this sector, may qualify for the proposed Certified Automotive Remarketer – Support or CAR(S), which also requires three years of consecutive experience in services supporting the vehicle remarketing consignment process. These include, but are not limited to, transportation, vehicle inspection, reconditioning, license and title, insurance, vehicle history, media, associations, consulting, financing and/or floorplanning, warranty, aftermarket, guide books, and technology service providers. In addition, the IARA is proposihng the creating of a Certification Eligibility Board to evaluate candidate applications and make the final determination as to which designation – CAR or CAR(S) – the candidate is eligible. Now is the Time
    A certification program can help establish standards of professional practice and elevate the remarketing profession in the eyes of those outside our business. Certification programs play a proven and important role in professional development. Now is the time to support this important initiative because we will all benefit from its implementation. Let me know what you think. [email protected]
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    Mike Antich

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