Striking Biodiesel Gold in California

California Fuels and Lubricants has a diverse group of fleet customers in Southern California, including trucking companies, local governments, construction crews and businesses that work at the Port of Los Angeles. An increasingly common thread among all of them is the desire for cleaner-burning alternatives to petroleum diesel.

Jaime Duenas, President of California Fuels & Lubricants, said the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) requiring a reduction in the carbon intensity of transportation fuels is driving demand for biodiesel and renewable hydrocarbon diesel (RHD). But regardless of regulations, biofuels are also benefiting companies, governments and individuals embracing the sustainability movement.

California Fuels & Lubricants started by offering a B5 blend and quickly moved up to B20 because fleets liked that it reduced emissions even further and often made more financial sense.

The company has also seen a growing demand for the newest renewable fuel blend, a combination of 80 percent renewable hydrocarbon diesel and 20 percent biodiesel. The 100 percent renewable fuel delivers significant emission reductions. And it keeps performance strong with higher Cetane and lubricity, and lower Cloud Point and aromatics. California Fuel & Lubricants believes in it so much that it uses the product in its fleet.

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