Graphic courtesy of Hyundai.

Graphic courtesy of Hyundai.

Hyundai Motor America is reshaping its car-dominated lineup with a plan to introduce eight new crossover utility vehicles by 2020 starting in March with its Kona subcompact SUV, the company announced.

The range of SUVs will include an A-segment entry model up to an eight-passenger midsize model. The models will offer a range of propulsion systems, including gasoline-electric, diesel, hydrogen fuel cell, and battery-electric powertrains.

"Very soon we are going to have the most diverse CUV powertrain lineup in the industry," said Mike O'Brien, Hyundai's vice president of product for corporate and digital planning. "These vehicles will show the engineering prowess of the more than 13,000 engineers Hyundai Motor Company has working on current and future models every single day. Our customers are going to have a lot of great CUV choices in our dealerships."

Hyundai will offer its Kona, a B-segment SUV, in at least two powertrains with the initial model powered by a gasoline engine. The Kona "is only the beginning of our product revolution," O'Brien said.