Driver training provider eDriving has released Mentor by eDriving, a telematics app that scores fleet driving behavior and delivers customized training straight to smartphones, tablets and computers, the company said.

Mentor assesses and scores a fleet driver’s behavior and uses a predictive analytics platform to generate a FICO Safe Driving Score. The score is calculated after each trip and over time, providing both immediate feedback as well as longer-term trending and benchmarking analysis.

Mentor also prescribes a “playlist” of interactive training interventions and provides tips, reminders and progress reports tailored for each driver. Licensed instructors from eDriving’s Behind the Wheel Training Division can provide additional feedback, advice and support through virtual live coaching, according to the company.

“Mentor shifts the smartphone from distracted driving culprit to cure,” said Celia Stokes, CEO of eDriving. “Personal relevance, engaging content, and competition bordering on what we like to call ‘shamification’ are a powerful combination. It is thrilling to watch the effect of these elements truly changing how people are driving.”