Tata ACE Hopper Tipper BS III and BS IV models.  Photo: Tata Motors

Tata ACE Hopper Tipper BS III and BS IV models. Photo: Tata Motors 

Tata Motors, an Indian commercial vehicles manufacturer, has announced receiving orders for 51 Ace tippers from Jaipur Nagar Nigam for garbage collection vehicles in Jaipur.

The Tata ACE Hopper Tipper BS III and BS IV is a fully-built offering from Tata Motors and is ideal for door-to-door “garbage collection” facilitating easy remote tipping operations, with a tipping angle of 85‐90 degrees. The vehicle can manoeuver easily through narrow city lanes, due to its size & best-in-class turning radius. Cathodic electro deposition (CED) treatment of the vehicle body prevents corrosion, according to the automaker.

Tata Motors range of municipal vehicles offers fully-built solutions in the areas of solid & wet waste management (door-to-door garbage collection & transportation to garbage-dumping sites), health services, water supply, street-lighting, disaster management, and staff transportation on heavy, medium, intermediate, light and small commercial vehicle platforms. The range is designed to provide solutions for day-to-day needs, managing the supply of clean/potable water, also helping in fulfilling the basic needs of sanitation to ensure a cleaner environment and society. These vehicles come with the promise of proven performance, ease of maintenance, and better operating economics, while being environment-friendly at the same time, according to the automaker.