Sofico, a global software provider to the automotive finance, leasing, fleet and mobility industry, has recently completed its 30th Miles implementation project.

Miles, its mainstream software platform, is now in production at 30 different sites in 18 countries around the world, which puts the number of vehicle contracts managed by Miles on the 1.25 million mark for the first time – a milestone it has achieved in the 11 years since its first Miles implementation.

The company said it first launched Miles with Auto-Interleasing AG in Switzerland in 2005, and it has just seen the latest series of system implementations go live in Italy, France, and Belgium with major leasing company customers, both independents and captives.
There are another 11 implementation projects currently ongoing with automotive clients in Europe, Australia, Japan, and Thailand. To support its global expansion path, the company said it is continuously looking for new talent from within the automotive finance sector with an affinity for IT, and has recently taken on its 200th employee.

The scope of Miles has broadened from leasing and fleet management, in response to a changing corporate automotive market, to now include retail and mobility management.
These latest developments make Miles a hybrid fleet/retail contract management software system that is able to meet the needs of captives and leasing companies, according to the company.

Sofico said it has honed and refined its implementation process to establish a custom methodology, tailored to the implementation of Miles. This allows Sofico’s experts to reduce the overall implementation time frame.

The company recently announced that its turnover has grown by 125% in the last five years while the number of people it employs has increased by more than 80% over the same period.