Screenshot via Donlen.

Screenshot via Donlen.

Donlen has introduced a new robust report builder called FleetWeb Intelligence Reporting that makes it easier for fleet professionals to manage and organize their data, the fleet management company announced.

“Donlen’s interactive Report Builder was designed for fleet professionals to satisfy their reporting needs at all levels of their business,” said Jeff Pursell, vice president of technology products. “Reporting examples include executive summary fleet trends, exception-based driver issues, and web service subscriptions to provide immediate integration with internal systems.”

Donlen offers fleet professionals real-time data access with more than 500 data reporting fields, allowing them to manage their fleet efficiently. By providing fleet managers more data fields, filters, and settings; fleet professionals can now efficiently sort, organize, and drill down their data to find exactly what they need. Fleet managers can also customize their reports using drag and drop data fields, create detail and summary reports, and preview their reports as they create them.

"Donlen’s technology makes it easier for fleet professionals to manage their fleet,” said Pursell. “Our report builder is truly best-in-class with access to over 500 data points and the ability to create customized summary and detail reports.”

In addition to powerful real-time data reports, FleetWeb Intelligence Reporting also features an improved, easy-to-use interface, interactive reporting dashboard, and a simple report search function; giving  fleet professionals the ability to create and modify reports and report subscriptions with ease.

For more information about FleetWeb Intelligence Reporting, visit Donlen's website.