Pest control vehicles with Fleetmatics telematics systems made more than 11.5 million stops in 2015 and logged the most activity in Nevada, Utah and Texas, Fleetmatics has announced.

The results come from a study of Fleetmatics data that listed the 10 states with the most activity. The data was collected from about 5,500 pest control vehicles that traveled 94.7 million miles.

Other top pest-control states include Missouri, Mississippi, Arizona, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Kansas, and Georgia.

Fleetmatics released the data in April because the month has been designated as National Pest Management Month by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).

"Thanks to Fleetmatics, we are able to dispatch information more quickly and integrate scheduling more efficiently, ultimately allowing us to get more jobs done and improve business," said Tyler Helton, general manager of Knock 'Em Out Pest Control, based in Fairfield, Calif. "It also helps to give us an edge over the competition."