Photo of Domino's DXP courtesy of GM.

Photo of Domino's DXP courtesy of GM.

Domino's Pizza plans to purchase 100 Chevrolet Spark subcompact cars as the basis for its Domino's DXP (Delivery Expert) purpose-built pizza delivery vehicle.

The Ann Arbor, Mich.-based company will customize the 2015 Spark cars and assign them to 25 U.S. markets. These will be the first fleet vehicles for the company, which does not currently have a fleet manager. The first vehicles will hit the streets this month.

Domino's is setting up the Spark cars so Domino's franchises across the country can assign them to their drivers, full- or part-time hourly workers who typically use their own cars.

The DXP fleet will be equipped with the OnStar navigation system to help drivers deliver their cargo as quickly and safety as possible, according to GM. The vehicle can carry 80 pizzas at a time.

"We love to see fleets use our vehicles in new and innovative ways," said Ed Peper, U.S. vice president, General Motors Fleet. "This partnership between Chevrolet and Domino’s demonstrates the versatility, technology and performance our vehicles can deliver — in a literal sense in this case — to fleets across America."