Verra Mobility is rolling out several new solutions, including connected vehicle payments,...

Verra Mobility is rolling out several new solutions, including connected vehicle payments, digital license plate processing, and toll offerings.

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Verra Mobility Corp., a provider of mobility technology solutions, has announced new capabilities that improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance compliance for commercial fleet customers.

Verra Mobility's Commercial Services business expands its portfolio of offerings with a new nationwide toll management solution that uses a single device and new payment solutions. Developed to simplify toll management for fleet vehicles that frequently toll across regions, TollLink eliminates the need for fleets to acquire multiple transponder devices and manage multiple toll accounts.

"As vehicles increasingly become more technologically enabled and connected, they not only allow for the solutions we have announced today, but also the ability to reimagine the future of fleet services for our current customers and new segments," said Steve Lalla, executive vice president of commercial services, Verra Mobility. "These partnerships provide us access to cutting-edge technology and industry thought leaders."

Verra Mobility and Car IQ, a payment solution for connected fleets, signed an agreement to enable toll payment integration with the Car IQ vehicle payment platform. The Car IQ platform enables vehicles to automatically conduct secure and autonomous transactions with payment networks, banks, and merchants. Through this partnership, Car IQ can now provide Verra's tolling solution to its customer base.

In collaboration with toll agency Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA), Verra Mobility is looking into potential uses of connected vehicle and blockchain technology to automate tolling transactions for private, rental, and leased vehicles. Topics under study include the ability to instantly record tolling transactions and accurately determine miles driven across multiple networks and toll rates. 

Additionally, Verra Mobility has entered into a commercial agreement with Reviver, a provider of digital license plates, to enable processing of title and registration transactions for digital plates. Verra's title and registration platform will process vehicle compliance transactions for Reviver's digital license plate fleet customers. As part of the partnership, Reviver will also be able to offer toll management solutions through its fleet sales channels.