You might know Free2Move as a carsharing service, and it is still that. But when Fleet Group Editor Chris Brown sat down with the company's Head of North American Business, David C. Dowty, we learned that's just the tip of the tech iceberg for the Stellantis unit’s plans for North America.  

Listen or watch along to understand how Free2Move envisions the future of fleet management, how embedded telematics will be used to propel new services, and how fleets can transition from ownership of underutilized assets to an on-demand model.

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  • How Free2Move solves fleet management problems.
  • The advantage of Free2Move's fleet manager dashboards.
  • The Brave New World of Fleet Management.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:05 Who Free2Move is and What They Do
  • 2:51 How Free2Move Solves Fleet Management Problems
  • 5:10 The Advantage of Free2Move Fleet Management Dashboards
  • 7:04 Exciting New Fleet Management Integrations
  • 9:03 The Future of Free2Move in North America
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