The Samsara App Marketplace works with more than 100 partners on an open API. New app integrations will optimize dispatch workflows and improve document management.  -  Photo by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

The Samsara App Marketplace works with more than 100 partners on an open API. New app integrations will optimize dispatch workflows and improve document management.

Photo by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

Samsara released 11 new integrations to its Samsara App Marketplace. Samara said in a press release the integrations are part of its continued strategy to provide customers with real-time data for physical operations through its open API. Access to Samsara data, within these third-party applications, customers can tailor their user experience, break down data silos, and drive digital transformation. By integrating vehicle GPS, digital documents, and hours of service (HOS) data from Samsara with these existing systems, customers can optimize dispatch workflows and improve document management.

The Samsara App Marketplace features integrations with more than 100 partners on Samsara's open API. This connects users' third-party applications with Samsara's Connected Operations Platform to unlock a holistic view of their data in real-time. Samsara customers can access 11 new integrations, now available on the App Marketplace, they announced in a recent news release. These integrations include:

  • Avaal Technology Solutions: Ensure compliance by sharing driver HOS logs from Samsara with Avaal's suite of transportation management products. This makes it possible for customers to gain real-time visibility into driver duty status, streamline dispatch, and avoid HOS violations.
  • B2W: Leverage Samsara's heavy equipment data, such as asset location and diagnostics, in the B2W Maintain platform. This empowers customers in the construction industry to automate preventative maintenance scheduling, cut costs, and improve equipment utilization.
  • Edge Logistics: Sync truck GPS data from Samsara with Edge Logistics for improved visibility and accurate vehicle location data. This helps Edge Logistics provide a better experience for end customers by proactively sharing live ETAs from Samsara.
  • Freight Bots: Share real-time GPS data from Samsara with the Freight Bots loadboard, built by DashPing, to help increase the volume of loads dispatched to your fleet. By sharing vehicle location directly with brokers through Freight Bots, fleets can gain a competitive edge and improve communication with brokers.
  • Haul: Sync Samsara driver HOS logs automatically with Haul's on-demand CDL driver platform. This simplifies driver payroll, timesheet approvals, and makes it possible to track driver earnings and performance.
  • iMarq: Bring real-time GPS, fault codes, and maintenance data from Samsara into the iMarq maintenance platform. This enables customers with better visibility into fleet health, improved uptime, and the ability to stay one step ahead of any potential maintenance issues using iMarq's Cloud-Mobile technology.
  • MoveDesk: Keep routes in sync with this two-way integration between Samsara and MoveDesk, a complete moving and storage management system. By sharing GPS and HOS with MoveDesk and keeping routes up-to-date in Samsara, this helps customers work more efficiently and keep all of their jobs on schedule.
  • Welltrax: Share driver HOS from Samsara with Welltrax, a transportation management system used by bulk commodity carriers. This includes a full driver workflow integration, which helps maximize both dispatcher and driver productivity.
  • WorkOptima: Connect forms and documents captured using the Samsara Driver App, including bill of lading and proof of delivery, with WorkOptima's document imaging platform. This empowers customers to go paperless and improve back-office productivity by syncing digital documents automatically.
  • Wrapify Boost: Share vehicle location from Samsara with the Wrapify Boost advertising platform. This enables customers with branded fleets to better understand where their ads are in real-time, at any time of day.
  • Zapier: Connect Samsara with 3,000+ apps available on Zapier, such as Quickbooks and Google Drive. This opens up new opportunities for customers to integrate Samsara with their key systems without any technical expertise necessary.

"This latest group of integrations now available on the Samsara App Marketplace are designed to streamline a number of day-to-day workflows for our customers, from dispatch to digital document sharing," explained Christopher Mozzocchi, director of OEM and marketplace integrations at Samsara. "We're excited to continue meeting our customers where they are and unlock true software interoperability by making Samsara data available within these systems."

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