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Hitachi and Honda Develop Ignition Interlock Tech

March 28, 2016

Photos courtesy of Honda.
Photos courtesy of Honda.

Hitachi and a Honda Motor Co. research and development subsidiary have developed a prototype of a portable alcohol detection device that’s tamper-resistant and can be integrated into a smart key.

This device can detect saturated water vapor from human breath and accurately measure alcohol level within three seconds after a driver exhales onto the device, according to Honda.

Hitachi and Honda collaborated on developing the technology. The two companies also developed a system that can show the measured alcohol level on the vehicle’s display panel. This system can function as an ignition interlock to stop a vehicle’s engine from starting when the driver is under the influence of alcohol, Honda said.

The prototype has advantages over other ignition interlocks, according to Honda, because other systems require drivers to perform the breath test from the driver’s seat inside the vehicle. With the Hitachi/Honda device, drivers can measure their alcohol level from anywhere. Additionally, the Hitachi/Honda device can confirm that the applied gas is human exhaled breath and detect the level of alcohol at the same time.

Hitachi and Honda will present the technology next month at the SAE 2016 World Congress and Exhibit in Detroit.

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  1. 1. Engin Agac [ April 14, 2016 @ 07:29AM ]

    Although drunk driving is forbidden all over the world, still drunk driving cases exist. A lot of accidents occur due to the drunk driving. In such accidents many people injured or became disabled and unfortunately there are cases resulting death. Furthermore, millions of dollars financial damage occurs. To prevent such accident some institutions and companies construct projects or support such projects.
    In the projects, those have the aim of preventing such accidents from occurring, a connection is established between the engine and alcohol meter via an immobilizer system. The working principle of this kind of project is established as follows: while the driver indents to start the vehicle he must pass an alcohol test. To prevent the case of driver uses alcohol after starting the vehicle, the driver asked to pass alcohol tests every time that is designated by the system. This way it is tired to avoid driver to take alcohol after starting the vehicle.
    The name of this project is GOST “safe car driving technology”

    GOST project is established by utilizing speed sensor, voltage sensor, time sensor, alcohol meter, MQ3 alcohol scent sensor and face recognition algorithm. The process schema of face recognition algorithm is organized in accordance with the project and by utilization of the features of sensors mentioned above, new software is established.

    A. Drunk driving can be avoided by 100%

    B. Driving without a driving license can certainly be prevented

    C. Considering real time traffic tickets, the ticket is issued to the driver who is driving at that moment.

    D. Wherever in the world the vehicle is started, the personal information of the person who drives the vehicle can be reached.

    Yes it can. This technology can be utilized in vehicles while keeping the originality of it.
    With this project, even a running vehicle can be prevented from operating.
    Similar technologies are embodied vehicle as a “must have device” in many Europe countries. Specially in school services, bus companies, cargo and logistic companies and lately in private vehicles it is embodied as a “must have device”
    The companies those are aware of the importance of their business or expecting to provide better service, to demonstrate that they can provide safer service compare to other companies, and considering security of life and property, want to utilize this device.


    1. Do you know, for certain, the one passes the alcohol test is the driver himself?
    2. How can you prevent a person to pass the alcohol test besides from the driver if there is more than one person in the vehicle?
    3. If the driver is a non-drinker or not drunk, why does he have to pass alcohols test every time he wants to use his vehicle or after starting his vehicle?
    4. What can be done in case of driver chance during the day or driver changes in “stop and go” cases?
    5. If the driver is not drunk, why should the case of “having another person in the car who is drinking alcohol or drunk” result in immobilization or preventing from starting vehicle?
    6. Is the device in the vehicle sensitive to alcohol components?
    7. Why should a conscious alcohol user pass an alcohol test when he uses a vehicle?
    8. A driver can pass alcohol test by wearing transparent gloves. What can be done in that case? GOST project is designed considering such circumstances and the driver is under control from starting the vehicle to stopping it.
    9. What are the other superiorities of GOST project? You can’t drive a vehicle without having a driver licence even the vehicle has started. The owner of the vehicle or other persons want to drive the vehicle should register their licence for once only. Later it is sufficient to have the licence with them when they want to use the vehicle.
    10. The stopping conditions of running vehicle are defined.
    11. Some countries expect zero tolerance while in some countries it is permitted to 0,8 promile.


    Engin ağaç

  2. 2. Engin AGAÇ [ April 14, 2016 @ 10:45AM ]

    First of all I woukd like to congratulate you for this succesfull project. This project is very benefical for people. All over the world there are firms that make similar projects, but they can not prevent drunk driving for sure. That is if the driver wants he can drive while he is drunk.I have been working for this project for a while. I have developed this project quite a lot and you can find detailed information about this project on web site. This project has some other feature besides from preventing drunk driving. In this project I have utilized some sensors. There is detailed explanations on the web site. If you accept I would like to talk with you in a detailed manner. I can make this project having different features. But my financial and technological oppurtunities are not sufficient to make this project. If you accept I would like to make this project with your partnership. I am sorry but I don't know english. But we can get into contact via translater.
    Engin Agaç
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  3. 3. Engin AGAÇ [ June 05, 2016 @ 04:20AM ]

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    In short project from me investment from you if you accept.
    If you want I can prove that this project can be done in the presence of engineers. We can talked about details. I can respond your questions in your mind about investing via my translator. I strongly recommend you to analyze existing projects. I am ready to respond investors questions. In fact I would like to talked face to face.
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    My financial and technological conditions are not enought to make this project. I am looking for an investor for my project. With this project of mine, I can prevent drink driving up to 100%. Even if you try you can not drive a vehicle even it is already started. I am looking for an investor for my project of which the software scheme is ready. Details can be found in english on the “mucitler derneği” web site.
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    Thanks for following me. I want to get into contact with investors that acknowledge the importance of this project. I want to make a concrete interview with you about this project.

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  4. 4. Engin AGAÇ [ June 05, 2016 @ 04:21AM ]

  5. 5. Engin AGAÇ [ June 05, 2016 @ 04:22AM ]


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