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'Torturing' the New F-150

'Torturing' the New F-150

How to Avoid Drowsy Driving

How to Avoid Drowsy Driving

Ram Truck to Adopt SAE Towing Standard

Ram Truck to Adopt SAE Towing Standard

2014 Fleet Hall of Fame Nominees

2014 Fleet Hall of Fame Nominees

Top Picks

  • Driver Acceptance eBook

    If you're considering a GPS vehicle tracking system for your business or public agency fleet, you probably know it's a powerful tool for controlling costs and improving fleet productivity. Yet, despite the many potential benefits, you may worry about a backlash from drivers who don't understand the advantages of these systems.

  • Four Pillars of Efficient Fleet Utilization

    The result of a well-utilized fleet is not only boosted productivity and decreased costs, but also increased profitability which is the real value of doing more with less.

  • The Value of Money

    This whitepaper covers financial considerations for managers of large fleets when weighing fleet card options.

  • Improving the ROI of Driver Safety: Best Practices for Driver Risk Management and Fostering a Culture of Driver Safety

    What do businesses need to know to proactively address driver risk and safety issues? How do they connect the dots between all the available driver data to better understand their level of risk? And what programs can they put in place to foster safe driving behaviors and create a culture of safety in their organizations?

  • How to Introduce GPS Tracking to Your Employees

    Fleet Managers across the country are quickly turning to GPS tracking software for all of the benefits the technology offers, but many of them don’t know how to introduce the program to their employees.

  • Fleet Metrics Decoded: How to Measure Your Fleet & Identify Ways to Save Money & Improve Service

    Your fleet metrics tell the story of your fleet’s efficiency. But how do you interpret your fleet metrics so you can make decisions and reduce costs?

  • Traffic Violations are on the Rise: How Fleets Can Prepare

    Fuel, insurance, preventive maintenance and repairs are generally accepted as standard operating costs for fleets. What about vehicle-issued violations, such as parking, toll and photo enforcement tickets?

  • Saving Through Sustainability Initiatives

    Initiatives to increase the sustainability of an organization's fleet should always be considered when a fleet manager is tasked with finding ways to save money. However, sustainability relies on a number of components that sometimes complicates the equation.

  • Executive Report: How to Use GPS to Measure a Quality Stop

    The next step in using GPS tracking technology is to manage miles, fuel and customer activity together to achieve greater net profit per visit. This white paper covers the key performance indicators fleet managers should track and gives a step-by-step plan for using these metrics to reduce costs and improve driver productivity.

  • How to Make the Business Case for GPS Tracking


    As a fleet manager, you may be sold on benefits of GPS fleet tracking solutions. Now you need to pitch the software to upper management.  This webinar will show you how to build the business case for GPS tracking and then present the case to your peers or upper management. Hear from the controller of a large warehouse distributor who made the case for GPS fleet tracking and is now reaping the benefits. 

  • Fleet Telematics: Making the Big Picture Easier to See


    Implementing telematics can mean an overload of data points. CarChip Connect from Davis Instruments helps you to connect those data points with your fleet’s safety, efficiency, maintenance and ROI goals. Our job is to make your job easier!


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