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While the price of fuel is outside your control, your response to these costs will significantly impact the success of your fleet. Rely on us to deliver the latest viewpoints, trends and forecasts so that you can develop a shrewd, incisive approach to fuel management.

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Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration Is Natural Gas the Right Fit for Your Fleet?
Natural gas is an abundant, domestically produced alternative fuel, and could provide several benefits for fleets looking for the right fit.
Photo courtesy of Finding Lost Dollars in Your Fleet Budget
Fleet managers know that it's smart to focus cost-reduction efforts where the money is - depreciation and fuel. But, within these categories, there are savings that even experienced fleet managers often miss.
Photo courtesy of Daimler. Developing a Driverless Vehicle
Google and a growing number of automakers are making big bets that self-driving vehicle technology is the future of transportation and have been incorporating various levels of autonomous driving capabilities in their latest products.
Photo courtesy of Tax Consequences Under Different Reimbursement Methods
As a general rule when considering total cost of ownership (TCO), employees with high-mileage needs should be provided with a company vehicle; those with low-mileage needs should have their job function reviewed to determine if personally owned vehicles (POVs) would produce the lowest TCO through a business reimbursement program.
The 2014 Volkswagen Passat TDI Clean Diesel SE has a 2.0L inline four-cylinder engine that produces 140 horsepower and 236 lbs.-ft. of torque. Sales of the 2014-MY Passat to commercial fleets so far have favored 55% toward the TDI model over the gasoline version. Photo credit: Vincent Taroc. Diesel Reboot
Faced with tightening corporate average fuel economy standards in the U.S., automakers have turned to a new generation of cleaner burning diesel passenger cars and SUVs to help them meet the new regulations.


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PHOTO: Robert Bosch, LLC Urea Diesel Filter Robert Bosch LLC announce the addition of a total of 30 new part numbers to its braking, fuel injection, fuel pump module, and filtration lines including urea diesel filters. View more info

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Hidden Costs That Eat Away At Your Fuel Budget

Could you be wasting money and not even know it? Download our white paper to identify ways your company can reduce fuel management costs.

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Going Green, Saving Green: A Fleet Manager's Guide to Alternative Fuels Best Practices

While the case for alternative fuels is compelling, knowing how to implement them in your fleet isn’t always obvious. How do you roll out green initiatives without raising operating costs and exposing your fleet to market fads?


Level III Data: A Fleet Manager's Fundamental Tool

Data is the most important tool in a fleet manager’s toolbox. Knowing what’s being spent, and how, empowers managers to make the right purchasing decisions for their fleets without leaving it up to individual drivers. The more specific your data, the better informed your decisions will be. That’s where Level III data capture can help.


Case Study: At Merck, Fleet Card Program Helps Boost Efficiency, Save Over 10% On Management Costs

To cut fuel costs and maximize fleet efficiency, Merck needed more precise transaction data and controls than any credit card could offer.


Skip the Credit Card -- Fleet Cards Make More Dollars and Sense

With gas prices back on the rise, now more than ever fleet managers must tightly monitor and contain their fleet's fuel costs. For large and small fleets alike, doing so requires the right information presented in the right way.


Cost Plus vs. Retail Minus: Separating Fact from Fiction

For many fleet managers, attempting to curtail fuel costs feels like bailing out the Titanic. Retail gasoline prices have been on an upward trajectory in recent years, and higher prices seem to be here to stay. Given this environment, it’s no wonder that discount-oriented pricing plans, such as cost plus, have thrived; in tough times, everyone chases a bargain. Learn how to select the best plan for your fleet.



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