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Total Fleet Maintenance Costs Flat in CY-2020

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Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications

The Internet & Television Association has asked the Federal Communications Commission to open airwaves — known as the 5.9 gigahertz spectrum — that are currently allocated for exclusive use by automakers for vehicle-to-vehicle communications, the association announced.

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Hyundai Invests in Vehicle-to-Everything Connectivity

Hyundai Motor has invested in AutoTalks, which specializes in the manufacturing of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) chipsets, as part of a strategic partnership to accelerate the development and deployment of the next generation chipset for connected cars.

Audi Expands Traffic-Light-Sensing Tech

Audi of America has expanded its Traffic Light Information to Phoenix and areas of Kansas City, Kansas, to bring its connected communication capability to 10 U.S. cities and 2,250 intersections now activated around the country.

Toyota Cars to Communicate With Other Cars by 2021

Toyota will begin implementing a sensor-based system in its vehicles by 2021 that will allow them to communicate with other vehicles on the road as well as infrastructure to reduce collisions, the automaker has announced.

28% of Drivers Call Car Data a Myth

Many drivers are unaware that their cars are capturing data and revealing everything from driving patterns to roads traveled to music selections, according to a new insurance-industry report.