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Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection has extended its Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate program, which will continue to provide $2,000 rebates for 500 additional large-battery system plug-in hybrid electric and battery-electric vehicles, or until Dec. 31.

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Pa. Gives $7.7M for Natural Gas Conversions

Twenty-five companies and organizations received $7.7 million in grant funds from Pennsylvania to covert fleet vehicles to run on natural gas, Gov. Tom Corbett announced March 21.

Pa. Senate Considering Bicycle Safe-Passing Law

HARRISBURG, PA – The Pennsylvania Senate is considering legislation that would prohibit a motorist from passing a bicyclist unless there's at least four feet of space between the vehicle and bicycle. A total of 19 states already have similar "safe passing" laws, which are aimed at protecting the safety of bicyclists traveling on public roads.

New Restrictions for Teen Drivers in Pa. Take Effect Dec. 27

HARRISBURG, PA — Pennsylvania's new law aimed at increasing safety for young drivers takes effect at 12:01 a.m. on Dec. 27. The new law increases behind-the-wheel training requirements, places a limit on the number of passengers a young driver can transport, and makes not wearing a seatbelt a primary offense for young drivers.

Pa. Governor Signs Ban on Texting While Driving

CAMP HILL, PA – Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett on Nov. 9 signed legislation that bans texting while driving on Pennsylvania roads. The new law, which makes texting while driving a primary offense carrying a $50 fine, takes effect in 120 calendar days.

PennDOT: Time to Check Vehicles, Pack Emergency Kit

HARRISBURG, PA - With temperatures and wind chills hovering in the teens or lower in Pennsylvania, PennDOT Secretary Allen D. Biehler this week urged motorists to be sure that vehicles are properly serviced and contain a well-stocked emergency kit.

Survey: Pa. Motorists Believe They Are Safe Drivers

HARRISBURG, PA - More than 3,800 Pennsylvania drivers responded to PennDOT's Highway Safety Survey earlier this year, offering answers that showed most motorists believe they are safe drivers. But the survey also found that many motorists underestimate the risk of being ticketed for driving under the influence.

Pa. Invests $7.9M in 21 Alt-Fuel Projects

HARRISBURG, PA - Pennsylvania Gov. Edward G. Rendell announced $7.9 million in grants to help fund 21 alternative-fuel projects. The investment is through the state's Alternative Fuel Incentive Grant Program.