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Average Business Mileage Reaches 65% of Pre-Pandemic Levels

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Fuel Costs

Gasoline Drops to $1.92

Current prices are 81 cents less expensive than a year ago and will likely push lower as Americans remain isolated for the foreseeable future as a result of COVID-19.

Gasoline Prices Hit Four-Year Low

The national average gasoline price dropped below $2 for the first time in four years, attributed to COVID-19 and the crude oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Gasoline Edges Higher to $2.58

The national average gasoline price increased 4 cents to $2.58 as 2019 comes to a close, a spike attributed to unexpectedly higher road travel during the holidays, according to AAA.

Gas Prices Decline to $2.55 per Gallon

The national average price of gasoline fell 2 cents to $2.55 per gallon, which is 5 cents lower than a month ago due to declining demand, according to AAA.

Gasoline Prices Inch Lower

The national average price of regular unleaded moved 1 cent lower to $2.57 for the week ending Dec. 9, as Ohio, California, and several other states saw more significant price declines.

Gasoline Prices Remain Stable

The price of a gallon of regular unleaded remained stable with a 1 cent decline to $2.58 for the week following a near-record Thanksgiving travel weekend, according to AAA.

Why the Industry Is Transitioning to Synthetic Motor Oils

There are three key reasons why the transition to synthetic oils is occurring. They are the proliferation of smaller displacement turbocharged engines, escalating CAFE fuel economy requirements, and government regulations to lower tailpipe emissions.

Parking: Taming an Untapped Cost Center

Parking is one of the biggest and most expensive headaches for fleets. Find out how you can manage this unmanaged cost center to cut costs and improve productivity.

Gasoline Prices Flat Ahead of Thanksgiving Rush

The national average price of regular unleaded remains flat relative to a week ago as well as a year ago ahead of the Thanksgiving Day holiday rush that should see a nearly 3% increase in road travel from 2018, according to AAA.