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Fuel Costs

Exploring Propane as a Fleet Fuel Source

Propane may be a viable option for certain fleets looking for an alternative fuel source. While converting a vehicle to a propane system comes with a high initial cost, the system may come with reduced lifecycle costs over the course of that vehicle's life.

Gasoline Falls to $2.74 Per Gallon

The national average price of gasoline fell 7 cents to $2.74 for the week ending June 10, as nearly every state's average price also fell, according to AAA.

Gasoline Prices Buck Typical Summer Price Hike

The average national gasoline price is slipping lower following Memorial Day, which has traditionally marked the start of the summer driving season and accompanying increases in fuel prices associated with it.

Coach Your Drivers to Better MPG

Helping rid your truck drivers of bad driving and maintenance habits is the quickest, most direct route to conserving your fuel budget.

Gasoline Prices Continue to Decline

National and state gasoline prices continued to decline a week before Memorial Day with a 6-cent decline during the week ending May 20 as crude oil prices have remained stable.

Gasoline: First Significant Price Decline Since Early 2019

The national average gasoline price fell 3 cents to $2.86 for the week ending May 13, which represents the first significant decline since earlier this year, when a succession of price increases added about 60 cents to the per-gallon price.

Weekly Gasoline Prices Remain Steady

A gallon of regular unleaded inched higher for the week that ended on May 6 by increasing 1 cent to $2.89, and fleet drivers in the majority of states saw flat or lower prices at the pump.

What's Impacting Truck Replacement?

Big Data, tax law changes, new vehicle options, fuel prices, and more, are impacting fleets decisions about when to replace their trucks.

Gasoline Prices Reach 2019 High Point

The national average price of a gallon of regular unleaded increased 4 cents for the week to $2.88, which marks a new high for 2019, according to AAA.