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Fuel Costs

Gasoline Prices Begins to Trend Lower

Gasoline prices moved lower by 1 cent to $2.65 during the week ending Sept. 30, and 10 states saw their pump prices decline by at least 5 cents, according to AAA.

Gasoline Prices Inch Lower to $2.56 per Gallon

The national average price of regular unleaded fell 1 cent to $2.56 per gallon for the week ending Sept. 9, and reached a level that's 11 cents lower than a month ago and 28 cents lower than a year ago, according to AAA.

Gasoline Prices Fall, Except for Florida

The approaching hurricane Dorian has pushed gasoline prices higher in Florida and South Carolina, while most of the rest of the country is seeing falling prices at the pump, according to AAA.

Labor Day Fuel: Cheapest Price in 3 Years?

The national average gasoline price slid 2 cents to $2.59 for the week ending Aug. 26 and is expected to be the cheapest Labor Day average in three years, according to AAA.

Personal Use Decreases Vehicle Resale Values

While personal use averages 16%, outside market dynamics can cause personal use mileage to increase. For instance, when fuel prices increase, there is typically a spike in employees using fleet vehicles for personal use since the company pays for gasoline.

Gasoline Slides to $2.61 per Gallon

The national average price fell 3 cents to $2.61 for the week ending Aug. 19, which was also 17 cents lower than a month ago and 22 cents cheaper than a year ago.

Fleet Management Hasn't Changed

It’s an old adage, but believe it or not, it applies quite nicely to fleet management. Though sometimes it is tempting to say that the job of managing a fleet has changed dramatically, has it really?

4 Cost-Saving Initiatives Fleets Can Leverage

Fleet managers are constantly tasked with coming up with new ways to reduce costs. Two fleet industry professionals at a NAFA meeting presented multiple strategies to help facilitate that goal.