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Fleet Hall of Fame

It’s impossible to attend great fleet events like AFLA and not get caught up in why is has helped make the industry so great, but equally exciting is seeing how much the association is ready to take on the evolving industry that is fleet.

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2019 Fleet Hall of Fame Inductees Honored

Joe LaRosa, Bob Miesen, Theresa Ragozine, and Bud Morrison were inducted into the Fleet Hall of Fame on Monday Sept. 16 at the 2019 Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association's (AFLA) annual conference as the latest fleet veterans to achieve the honor.

Fleet Ground Zero

You are missing out on some potentially game changing information when you don’t get out to meet regularly with your peers.

2019 Fleet Hall of Fame Nominees

Fleet hall of fame nominees have fleet careers that have impacted the fleet management profession. Three individuals selected this year will ultimately join the 81 members of the Fleet Hall of Fame.

Industry Pioneer Recalls Accident Management Origins

Accident management is one of the key services fleets use to help control costs. It wasn’t always the case; one of the pioneers of this service, Bob Martines, explains its origins, where it is today, and where it’s headed.

The Leaders and Best

This year's Fleet Manager of the Year award presentation gave us a chance to honor some of the truly incredible people in our industry.